Reaching the Next Generation

In Kenya, although people in their 40s and 50s seem to have a Christian/religious culture, many of the young people my age are caught up in the world, partying, and pursuing materialism. They are all very attracted to American hip hop culture, very sexually active, and drugs are becoming a more and more common thing. It is very sad.

Because of this, I spend time with middle aged Kenyan adults who are serious about God (not religious, but born again). I try to convince them that they need to reach their youth.  Usually, the convincing  comes easily, and so does the determination to do something, but yet  many of them have never organized large outreaches, evangelism, and discipleship movements, so this is where I step in and help them. I try my best to equip them with the knowledge they need to effectively reach youth in their community.

In the mean time, I appreciate any opportunity I am given to spend time with youth and help show them the way that they should go.

Below is a picture of my Thursday class at Ephraim high school.  It has been a joy spending time with these young men and women. I can tell that many people have spent time teaching them the Word of God because they seem to really understand the Gospel. This has not only been an encouragement to me, but it has been a good challenge. I am really having to do research before class and prepare myself!


From Evangelism to Now Descipleship

Well, this was the big week. It has been one year since I met all these men and women who live in the Nandi Hills. In one year’s time: a Bible school has been started for pastors and church leaders (Julius, Nelson, and Samuel deserve much accreditation for this portion because they are volunteering as teachers);  I have trained the students in evangelism and lesson planning; the students, teachers and I have gone out and done evangelism for over a period of 2-3 months; and as of this week, we began discipleship. Both the teachers and the students have started discipling all the neighborhoods we visited with the gospel. We counted up how many people showed up for small groups and the number was 152 indigenous locals. My students say they are expecting more students next week.

In the mean time, I traveled there this week with huge boxes full of Foundation Course Books, Bibles, certificates, attendance sheets….Handing all of this stuff out was a big celebration. It was such an honor for all of us to have so many students.

Women Discipling Younger Women

The Ladies group in Mt Elgon is doing excellent. I will spend another two weeks teaching them how to do research, write lesson plans, and then they will start planning outreach, evangelism, and discipleship among the youth in their town. I am so excited. They are really devoted to make this thing work. Their teacher (Ruben pictured to the right) has been working hard to help me tutor the ladies who are struggling during class while I continue teaching the rest. 

Ruben is teaching them Hermeneutics and Old Testament Survey while I am getting them ready for Evangelism.

Ortum Town Pokot

Three hours drive past where I live on the road to Kakuma Refugee Camp lies a little village called Ortum. It is in Pokot territory and looks like something out of an old western movie. My friend and I went to visit the newly opened BTCP class there. I was so blessed to meet all of Pastor Ruben’s new students. It is a very large class. Thomas (our director) awarded all of them with their new text books, I passed out the foundation course books, and we both spoke on the importance of studying and disciplining others in their communities. The students are excited and ready to start discipling others in their town, so pray for them! Pray that there would be a revival in this area of Pokot. 

When God is at Work, Not Man

We have a new class just for women! I went deep into the mountain to visit these ladies, and you will never believe how God is moving through these people.

When we showed up, over half the class room was filled with men. Our director asked them “what are you doing here? This is a ladies class!” Turns out all the men (except one) were BTCP teachers who had come to hear me address the ladies. They want to hear me teach the ladies about discipling  their community so they can go and teach the men in the other classes how to do the same. By the time I finished speaking, there were tears being shed, and everyone unanimously committed to discipling the youth in their communities. The students told me that most of the school teachers in their area are not believers and the youth are being brought up without hardily any knowledge of Jesus.

When I finished teaching and sat down, a very old man walked into the church. I recognized him. He was a former student of mine. He had heard that I was coming up the mountain and had walked all the way to the new class room to speak to my new students. He gave testimony after testimony of what had taken place when his class had committed to discipling over 1000 youth and the success they had experienced. After hearing the old man speak, they are not only committed to teaching, but the students in this class have requested that they bring many more people to learn how to teach the foundation course. I told the students we should use people’s interest in teaching the foundation course to get them plugged into BTCP.

One on One

These past two weeks have been full of one-on-one discipleship and teaching. I have been meeting with two ladies on a weekly basis. One I am disciplining with the Biblical Foundation Course, and the other I am teaching how to become a better public speaker/teacher by helping her write speaker notes and letting her practice in front of me. It is amazing to me how much I have learned about teaching from this experience! It is hard to tell what your students are understanding and what they are struggling with when there is a room full of 100 people. I have completely re-written some of my lectures since hearing what these ladies understand and what they are questioning.

Other than this, my home has been very blessed by many of my students. I could not express the joy of walking into my own home every day and listening to people discussing scripture and growing in understanding of the Word. I quickly got rid of my TV when I returned to Kitale because I was sick of all the nonsense and rather just listen to my friends discussing Jesus as background noise.

Children Raising Children

One thing for sure, in many parts of Africa, the children raise the children. You will often see very young girls (even as young as six) carrying their baby brothers and sisters on their backs. Once, I was walking by the elementary school in my neighborhood and saw an older student holding a younger one up by a leg swatting her with a stick. I have no clue what she had done, but she was upside down and screaming with every lick. Not a single teacher intervened. 

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